@IMBrettDalton: Watch out . Hydra’s storming the Castle!” (x)

@IMBrettDalton: "Guys, I’m fluent in Italian: Espresso! Cappuccino! Macchiato!" (x)


Things are going to look a little different at the top of the Castle ranks.

Creator Andrew Marlowe, who served as showrunner since the ABC procedural’s first season, will hand over primary duties and responsibilities to executive producer David Amann for season seven, The Hollywood Reporter…

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↳ to love and die in L.A. (3x22)

I love you. I’ve missed you so much and no matter what happens, I want you to know you were the most wonderful part of my life….And if I don’t make it back, I want you to know that I loved you right until the very last breath I took. And if there is something after that, the first thing I’ll do when I get there is to start loving you all over again,
you hear?
- Wild Storm by Richard Castle

everything I’ve ever done, every choice I’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.. it’s all led me to right here; this moment, with you.
our partnership, our relationship, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. you’re an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart.

"We’re hoping people take the ride. If they continue their investment, it’ll pay off. I do know that some fans will feel robbed, they’ll feel betrayed. But hopefully they’ll stay with us to see how we’re going to resolve it"
— Andrew Marlowe (via shipper-of-all-things)